Gift cert use

Where can I redeem my gift voucher?

Gift vouchers bought on the Dubarry of Ireland website in £STG can be redeemed from the website ONLY and NOT from any of the Dubarry of Ireland Flagship Stores.

How do I use my gift certificate to place an order online?

Gift certificates from Dubarry of Ireland are the perfect way to gift your loved ones on special occasions or just to show them that you care.

Please note, the following terms and conditions apply to gift certificates purchased from the Dubarry of Ireland website:

  • Your gift certificate can be used as full or partial payment for shopping cart items at the point of checkout on the website.
  • To redeem gift vouchers, please enter the code provided by email or on the physical gift certificate in the box labelled “Gift Vouchers” at checkout. The voucher amount will be redeemed against the total of your purchases.
  • Where the shopping cart total is less that the voucher amount, the balance is carried over on the voucher for use at a later date before voucher expiry.
  • Dubarry of Ireland gift cards/vouchers expire 2 years from the date of purchase confirmation.

Can I exchange my gift card for cash?

Gift card/vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash unless otherwise required by applicable law.