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Welcome to The Collection
At Dubarry, our heritage is sewn into the lands we call home and the roots that stem deep from
the heart of our Irish tradition. Surrounded by flawless beauty, unblemished by the awe-inspiring
contrasts invoked by Mother Nature, we endeavour to deliver a collection that brings style, comfort
and practicality to each season.
Wherever your next path may lead, we strive to take it with you, using our bespoke skills and
knowledge to create a range of footwear and clothing that brings everlasting pleasure to every
season. Using the West Coast of Ireland as our inspiring backdrop for creativity, we design each
garment using the excellent craftsmanship and quality developed when our story first began. Taking
our great sailing heritage, and our appetite for the countryside, the new collection is made using the
finest quality materials, combined to give you stylish performance, whatever the elements.
Wear your next adventure.
The Dubarry Collection 2016 - 2017
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